Monday, October 12, 2009

LGBT: Left Wing Fringe?

Dear, oh dear.

Yesterday, CNBC’s Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood said that the Obama White House doesn’t view dissatisfaction amongst LGBT advocates — tens of thousands of whom marched in Washington, DC yesterday — as a “serious problem” because officials feel “that if they take care of the big issues — health care, energy, the economy — he’s [Obama] going to be just fine with this group.” As evidence, Harwood cited an anonymous “adviser” who bashed bloggers and dismissed critics as part of the “Internet left fringe”

Probably not the best way he could have put it, to be sure. But given that LGBT are not a large percentage of the population, it's understandable that a staffer might mention how other farther-ranging issues will positively (to them) affect a variety of constituents.

Legal Insurrection notes that yesterday, the same complainers were happy when the designated White House shill was ripping Fox News for having the audacity not to be blinded by hope. Oh, the irony! Too bad the WH shill didn't do her homework.