Friday, October 02, 2009

Media Matters: We Defend School Officials Who Don't Protect Your Children

It's kind of pathetic watching Media Matters try so hard to protect liberals that they are now forced to defend Kevin Jennings, the Obama "school safety czar" who didn't worry about children's safety when it came to them having sex with adults.

This post practically cackles with glee at the idea that the student involved was 16 (not 15) and therefore of legal age to have bathroom sex with adults!

As Dan Riehl points out, it wasn't a "relationship," as MM tries to pretend it was.

It was a one night stand in a men's restroom after which it seems the older man didn't return the student's phone calls. Whether the student was straight or gay, does anyone really believe that a 15, or 16 year old student involved in restroom sex with total strangers is the bar we want to set for safe and acceptable behavior in our public schools? Give me a break. Media Matters might have done better to not engage this issue at all.

Indeed. Teachers have an obligation to report cases of suspected abuse, and Jennings was told it was "unethical" not to. What teacher would not understand that bathroom sex between a student--even a 16-year-old student--and an adult is not appropriate and should be taken to the authorities? It's not like teenagers have great problem-solving skills in the first place, but parents expect teachers to act in loco parentis--even with their 16-year-olds.