Monday, October 05, 2009

Thank God, We Won't Have to Deal With Any of

this once Obamacare goes through.

A woman faithfully pays her insurance premiums for years, then discovers she has not one but two brain tumors and the mean ol' insurance company won't pay up. Well, not until 100,000 brainiacs nagged the company into paying for it! Now everything is okie dokie.

I'm just so grateful that under Obamacare, no one will ever be denied treatment again. I mean, that must be the point of these stories, right? The mean ol' insurance company denies claims just cuz they're greedy basterds. That treatment for two brain tumors probably cost about 50 cents. Greedy basterds didn't want 50 cents cutting into their ginormous bonuses.

Fortunately for all of us, under Obamacare, we won't have to worry about nasty insurance claims people denying treatment cuz, well, when the government decides some treatment is too expensive, we won't have any idea who to call or complain to. And even if we did, it's not like it will change anything. I mean, you know how much the IRS will really snap to attention whenever you call them to complain about something. Or the post office. Or Veterans' Affairs. I mean, the response rate is outstanding!

In truth, I kinda feel sorry for all my friends who really hate insurance companies and don't realize that Obamacare will give them all the downsides of insurance (high premiums--except we'll call them "taxes", long waits, bureaucratic snafus, denial of care, and no recourse) without any of the benefits (choice, choice, choice). And I'm actually going to enjoy watching their grins fade when they discover that Obamacare doesn't mean free care for everyone.