Friday, October 02, 2009

Unemployment Rate Worse than Expected; Rises to 9.8%

Oh, for the good old days of 5% unemployment, when liberals bitched that it was still too many people without jobs. Or, better yet, they talked about "underemployment" as a way to gin up bigger numbers.

Now that we have a real unemployment rate bumping up against 10%, liberals aren't really wanting to talk about "underemployment." Well, unless they're advocating even more government spending that we can't afford. Otherwise, you only hear crickets chirping. That's because under the rules Democrats made regarding calamity, these disasterous unemployment figures are Obama's (just as 9/11 was all George W. Bush's fault, remember?).

These are gonna be some tough rules for them to live with.

Chart doesn't lie.

Oddly enough, the media covered it differently when Reagan's unemployment numbers were this high.