Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Test Your Political I.Q.

I scored better than 93% of people.

David Benzion at Lone Star Times uses this quiz to make the point that most people following politics on the internet are not normal, and that Republicans need to reach out to normal folks who don't eat, drink, and breathe politics.

Which means to win elections–still required in this nation to actually govern–you need to both mobilize your base AND win over enough voters who are less informed, who lack a coherent and principled political belief system, and who self-define as “independent” and “moderate.”

This is an important point to remember going into the 2010 election cycle. Democrats' approval is slipping badly, but Republicans still are looked at disfavorably, too. The trick it to get more of those who are angry/irritated/disappointed with Democrat rule to vote for Republicans in the mid-terms, rather than just stay home. Republicans need fresh blood, new ideas, and a greater sense of tolerance for moderates than is currently in vogue.