Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Non-Partisan War in Afghanistan

I wasn't going to say anything about President Obama photo-opping visiting the military dead in Delaware where the bodies are returned from Afghanistan. I thought the skepticism might be too, shall I say, political.

But that was before the liberal idiots decided it was one more chance to try to slime President George W. Bush.

Puh-lease. President Bush met with families in private without cameras. He didn't attend funerals or pose for pics because it distracted from the person these events are supposed to be about. Namely, the soldier.

But liberals think snapping a salute for a camera makes President Obama look serious or presidential or something. I'd rather he took seriously the casualties of the necessary war, the casualties that mount as he hems and haws.

Instead, we're treated to Firedoglake, of all jerks, trying to sound all jingoistic or something.

UPDATE: Blackfive says it better than I ever could.