Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'd Love to Think They're Concerned About the Children, but That'd Be a Lie

Evidently, I missed the Cupcakes for Life campaign, but it drove abortion supporters batshit crazy.

For Cupcake Day, you bake cupcakes and ice them with pro-life messages, explaining to people that kids love cupcakes for birthdays, but when women kill their babies, those babies don't get birthdays anymore.

This message drives abortion supporters nuts, of course (kinda like the New York Times showing what abortion actually is), because they want everybody to believe that babies are kinda like your appendix, except after nine months they detach without the surgery (or, I guess, with the surgery if you have a C-section).

What's worse for the pro-aborts is the fact that Pro-Life Cupcake Day is aimed at the children. Gasp!

They're straight-up organizing elementary and high school kids to spread the message that abortion's wrong, only instead of using bloody photographs or baby dolls, they're using birthday parties and cupcakes to get their point across.

Yes, those intrepid, evil pro-lifers should be talking about bloody fetuses to third graders because, you know, that would be very ineffective, which is what pro-abortion types want. I mean, it's not like they indoctrinate children with leftwing ideas or anything.

No, it's just infuriating for children to be faced with cupcakes that say "I Heart Babies" on them because, you know, it just rolls off the tongue better than "National Insidious Anti-Choice Agenda-Pushing Week."

It's also amusing how concerned abortion supporters are with not breaking the rules here on distributing homebaked goods in school. Nevermind the inconsistency here when they are all supportive of breaking the law to get minors abortions without parental notification. The ends justify the means, you know?