Monday, October 12, 2009

More Proof That Liberals Inhabit a Different Universe

A (liberal) friend of mine is indignant that some people aren't happy about Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. I can't quote him directly, but what it amounts to is that Obama gives us "hope," and it's just not fair to expect him to "fix" everything in eight months.

This friend went on to say that he's seen President Obama compared to Hitler far more than George Bush ever was. I found this astonishing, so I did a Google search. Indeed, Barack Obama has more than twice the mentions as George W.Bush. But that's where the similarity ends. In the case of President Obama, most of the hits seem to be like this one, discussing the presence of some posters with Obama with a Hitler mustache. OTOH, the Bush hits are more like this, with people actually defending the Bush-Hitler comparisons (honorable mention for this site which lists a large number of Bush-Hitler comparisons).

This friend is very, very angry because the criticism of Teh One isn't going away, and I'm afraid we'll just have to stop discussing politics because he's really gone nuts on this.

The reason I say liberals inhabit a different universe is because I've seen repeatedly the claim that (a) liberals were treated terribly during the GWB years and (b) no one ever, ever, ever criticized GWB, called him names, insulted his family, fantasized about his assassination and so on. When I point out to them that the Hitler comparison has been rampant for most of the last eight years, they seem astonished.

Maybe electing Obama gives these same people amnesia. They forget the behavior of the last decade and tell themselves they were always well behaved. It's a good thing we have pictures to disprove this.