Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Duh! Moment: Democrats Want a Single Payer System

Anyone who has paid attention to the health care debate shouldn't be surprised to learn it's just a way to get to socialized medicine.

The truth is that the public plan is a carefully devised scheme, a sneaky strategy, to deceive American voters. It’s a political marketing ploy designed to move the nation to a single-payer system – like the one in Canada – over the next decade. The public option is the Trojan horse. On the outside it’s all about “choice and competition”, but once it has been dragged within the walls of American medicine it’s true nature will become evident. By that time, it’ll be too late.

It's been stated many times and in many ways that the whole purpose of the public option is to create an unsustainable mandate for private insurance to cover everyone--not just those who can't afford insurance, but every person who decides they want insurance--and that the premiums must be reasonable. This requires young people, who don't use health care as much, to be forced to buy it. But the current bills have fines that are too low to be effective, which will mean people will wait until they are sick before getting insurance. This will drive insurance companies out of business, or require them to jack up premiums to levels most people can't (or won't) afford.

The bills also contain numerous taxes which will make private insurance less and less appealing. Your so-called "Cadillac" health plan that is part of your compensation will probably go the way of the dinosaur. Why not? Employers will have to pay taxes for health insurance anyway, and it will be much cheaper to just pay the 8% tax Obamacare is asking for.

Morgen Richmond's piece gives us the frightening facts behind the public option push, but it's not like we didn't really know this stuff before.
More damning still, we uncovered video of the original architect of the public option, Yale professor Jacob Hacker, describing how it was designed to not “frighten people into thinking they are going to lose their private insurance” even though that is the inevitable result. In another clip he denies the plan is a Trojan horse saying, on the contrary, “it’s right there”. In other words, it’s not even a secret. Most relevant of all, Hacker admits in another clip that the real advantage of his plan is that “at least you can make the claim that there is competition between the public and private sectors”. In other words, this is all a marketing strategy designed to get around public resistance to government-run health care.

We've heard the mantra over the last nine months about "choice and competition," from every Tom, Dick and liberal on the internet. Troll Perry has tried to make this claim multiple times in the comments, yet one has to be willfully blind to believe this crap.

Someone needs to say it bluntly, and I've never shied from that. The President is lying about Obamacare. He's lying when he says it isn't designed to lead to a single payer system. He's lying when he says you'll be able to keep your insurance. He's lying when he says you'll get to keep your doctor. He's lying when he says the public option brings "choice and competition." The only problem is, Democrats like lying and don't care that people don't want this plan.