Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Remember When War Casualties Were Terrible

Back in 2005, it seemed like the New York Times, Washington Post and every leftwing blogger was horrified at the casualties our troops suffered in Iraq. It was part of the "We support the troops but not the war" shtick, which was difficult to swallow, but they kept insisting that they were really, really concerned about troop casualties, and that's why they wanted to end the war!

Yeah,I didn't buy it either, and I sure don't buy it now that casualties are rising dramatically in Afghanistan and the left seems way more concerned with Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the public option than the lives of our soldiers.

Obama has simply failed to act on Afghanistan and as a result more troops have died than in any other year of the war. Obama criticized Bush for not being aggressive enough in Afghanistan, but when it is his turn to get tough he can't make up his mind.

Dana has a nice post posing the question, Is President Obama’s foreign policy making a difference yet? I would say, yes, it is making a difference, but not a difference for the better. We're seeing more casualties and chaos. Shouldn't the Left, who argued repeatedly over the last four years that Afghanistan is the "necessary war," be putting more pressure on President Obama to win?