Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama's Smart Diplomacy Looks More Like Chamberlain All The Time

Read this synopsis of President Obama's "smart diplomacy" with Iran over its nuclear enrichment program and you'll immediately noticed how we were played. But the post also links to this comment that I found even more interesting.

Now we know why Obama turned his back on Iranian protesters. Note that the secret negotiations began in June. What else went on in June in Iran? Oh yeah... those pesky election results protests.

Basically, he turned his back on the Iranian people because that whole free election fight of theirs wasn't nearly as important as the nuclear deal he was working out with Iran's regime. Too bad the regime couldn't be trusted to actually live up to its end of the bargain. Big surprise there, that you can't trust political leaders who believe in silencing their own people...

Maybe that should serve as an object lesson to us about Obama...

There was considerable confusion in June about why President Obama wasn't more forceful with Ahmedinejad regarding the peaceful protests in that country. We were told that it "wasn't our business" and that there were irregularities in our own elections, so, using that favorite false equivalency of the left, "we can't tell others how to run their elections."

But I find these developments more sinister than mere isolationism. The fact that President Obama was unwilling to condemn the harsh treatment of political protesters in Iran was most likely tied to these negotiations. How can any peacenik support a president who is willing to sell common citizens out this way?