Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus Is Out

Not surprisingly, CBS has fired Don Imus.

Not being a fan, I'm not particularly upset. Fools get fired every day for saying obnoxious things. The twist in the Imus story, of course, is Imus getting lectured and berated by some of the biggest racists in the business.

I have no sympathy for Imus. I've found his brand of "humor" to be stupid and offensive for years. But as I asked before, why this comment as opposed to something he said five years ago? Is "nappy-headed hos" really that much worse than the things he's said previously?

I recently blasted Ann Coulter for her "faggot" comment regarding John Edwards. My problem with Coulter wasn't just what she said, it is that her behavior reflects badly on all conservatives.

But Imus's behavior reflects on no one but himself. Hell, liberals have even been trying to paint Imus as a conservative, that's how far from him they are running, even though Imus endorsed John Kerry in 2004.

I've noticed the moonbatosphere trying desperately to contain the argument to being just about this one comment by Imus. This is an attempt to ignore the larger speech issues here, such as when is "ho" acceptable, who gets to say it, and about whom is it acceptable to say it. This would be a legitimate strategy if the nutroots weren't so eager to tar all conservatives with any Ann Coulter rant.

I'm all for condemning nasty speech. But try condemning all of it if you want to argue about any of it.