Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Feminist Outrage

Dana left me a link to this post at Blonde Sagacity comparing what outrages feminists and what does not.

What doesn't? This:

"A 26-year old woman with two small children wanted to free herself from the bonds of matrimony. The police had established that her husband, who, like her, was from Morocco, had beaten her. Her husband had to move out, but the terror continued: after the separation the still-married man threatened to murder the young mother.

[The woman sought an expedited divorce under German law.]

[The (female) judge denied the request, ruling that because both marital partners were from Morocco where the koran allows men to beat their wives, therefore there was] "not any unreasonable cruelty within the meaning of Paragraph 1565" [of the German divorce law, so as to allow an expedited divorce. The woman would have to wait out the normal one-year waiting period.]"

So, what are they outraged about? This:
A leading German TV-moderator and anchorwoman of the country’s top newscast caused an uproar last year when she admitted to regretting her three divorces, and condemned abortion, Die-Tagespost reported.

Eva Herman published her account of the fatal flaws in a career-oriented lifestyle in a bestselling book entitled “The Eva-Principle: Towards a New Femininity”, released last year. Now she’s published a second book, this one containing letters from women supporting her rejection of feminist self-fulfillment propaganda, reported The Spiegal news magazine.

It's amazing the sorts of things that will work people up into a lather. Just peruse the comments section at Common Sense Political Thought, where blubonnet never misses an opportunity to imitate The Scream, to get an idea what bothers some people. Oh, I know. I'm sure blu would get just as upset about women getting beaten up by their fathers, brothers, lovers provided she could find a connection to American foreign policy (double !!!!!! if she can find a moonbat link tying it to the Bush family). But still, shouldn't some of the angst wasted on the housework wars and SAHMs be spent condemning real atrocities?