Monday, March 19, 2007

Are You Lucky?

One of the things that came up during my recent comments on Pandagon was the concept of "luck."

When a liberal brings up luck, it's a surefire bet that they can't argue with any position you've taken. It's usually a knee-jerk response to any comment that you've managed to build a great life and other people can, too.

I used to let the "aren't you lucky" comments roll off my back. But after the first five or six times a liberal tells you that the reason you've managed to put together a good life is because you're "lucky," you begin to realize that they aren't congratulating you. They are belittling your enterprise, skill, and ingenuity.

Well, it wasn't luck that created the life I currently lead. It was hard work and dedication, sprinkled with some education and persistence.

But in the spirit of "luck," I decided to list a few things that I am, in fact, luck for having.

--I'm lucky that me and mine are all relatively healthy.

--I'm lucky to live in the United States, where the government isn't stopping me from pursuing my dreams.

--I'm lucky that I still have one living parent.

--I'm lucky my sister is here to take care of Dad this week.

--I'm lucky that my children are all wonderful and above average.

--I'm lucky that there's still some chocolate ice cream in the refrigerator.

I can't think of anything else that I have or I'm grateful for that isn't a direct result of some choice or action by me or my relatives. For example, I was going to say that I was lucky my children only have to walk around the corner to school, but we planned to live in this location, so there wasn't any luck involved there.

In any event, there are some things I am happy that I've been lucky for.