Saturday, May 02, 2009

Playing Like the Left

Conservatives need to play as dirty as the Left, and John Hawkins gives examples:

For example, look at the media jihad that was shamelessly launched against Sarah Palin’s family...Instead of continuing to complain, here’s a better idea. Why don’t conservatives do opposition research on the journalists endlessly running stories about Bristol Palin and Joe the Plumber? Have they ever been arrested? Whom do they own property with? Have they ever been paid to do a speech for someone and then run a favorable news story about him? Certainly Keith Olbermann’s personal life is just as newsworthy as Joe the Plumber’s, and the details of Maureen Dowd’s life are just as noteworthy as those of Bristol Palin — are they not?...

On college campuses, conservative speakers often need bodyguards to give a speech. Conservatives are shouted down and attacked — and nothing serious ever seems to happen to the fascists who engage in these thuggish tactics. So why shouldn’t conservative groups do the exact same thing to every liberal speaker who comes to the college? Go on stage, lock arms, and shout him down — then sue the university if they’re given so much as an hour’s detention more than the protesting liberal students.

The short answer is that liberals have accomplices in the media who will give their "protests" favorable coverage, yet crucify conservatives who do the same thing. Every act by conservatives to hold liberals to the same standard gets labelled "McCarthyism."
Too often today, liberals are using below-the-belt tactics against conservatives and paying no price whatsoever.

You mean like this? How many times have you read moonbats comparing George W. Bush to Hitler, murderers, rapists, child molesters and worse? But that's just political discourse?

Being as nasty as liberals is a tempting idea, and certainly satisfies some itch in the id. But the problem with it is that, at the end of the day, we've done nothing to improve society and a lot to make it worse. When idiots compare the U.S. to Vlad the Impaler, I'm not sure I want to sink to that level. Which is why, while fun to fantasize about shouting down and throwing pies in the face of liberal yak boxes on college campuses, I wouldn't do it.

I promised never to compare Barack Obama to Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin, because such comparisons are unfair and also diminish the horrific nature of those monsters and their crimes. It doesn't mean I won't stoop occasionally to pointing out the hypocrisy of wearing expensive shoes to work in a food bank, or pointing out when Teh One is full of it.

The problem is, we know liberals are rude, obnoxious and not above slander to make their points. Do we want to go the same route?

UPDATE: Do you want to be like Keith Olbermann and this brainless, no-name guest?

UPDATE x2: Great post at The Other McCain, including wonderful video of Laura Ingraham pointing out the hypocrisy of feminism attacking a woman for having breast implants.