Friday, August 17, 2007

Liberal Bloggers in the Echo Chamber

You really have to hand it to Jeromy Brown. It takes a true dumb ass to take defeat in this comment thread and declare victory.

I finally closed comments in the thread after more than 270 comments where Jeromy said nothing more intelligent than "you're an idiot." But the worst was his utter contempt for democracy, the Constitution, and our legal system. Such stupidity didn't deserve a platform, so I took that away from him.

I suppose this was to be expected from someone who thinks lying about other people's opinions is good argumentation. And, in fact, I stated repeatedly throughout the comment thread in question that states are more than welcome to sanction gay marriage if they so desire, but that this is a legislative issue, not a judicial one. I also pointed out repeatedly that the Constitution contains a process through which gay marriage supporters could legalize homosexual unions: the amendment process.

But like so many moonbats, Jeromy thinks the Constitution's provisions for amendment are too cumbersome. That's for other folks, like black people and women. Better to get five judges to find a new right under chewing gum on the 14th Amendment than actually convince folks that homosexual marriage should be recognized.