Thursday, October 16, 2008

If He Won't Do It, We Must

Patterico has a post up saying that conservatives must do what John McCain has been unwilling to do: point out that the economy is the fault of Democrats.

Here are the videos:

Show these to friends, neighbors and anyone you can. As Patterico says,

Put aside your rosy scenarios. We are headed for a bloodbath. At this point, every single undecided voter is going to break for Obama. His coattails will bring in more Democrats to a Congress that has a worse approval rating than Bush. It’s absurd — but it’s going to happen.

If we’re going down, we might as well go down fighting — with the truth. So spread the truth to every undecided voter you can.

I'm not as pessimistic as Patterico. We've known for the entireity of this election cycle that Republicans were unlikely to win the White House this time, but I've never bought into that conventional wisdom. I still think we have a chance. And no amount of pounding from liberals and the media will stop me from voting. But it's important to try to persuade every undecided person you know of exactly who is responsible for the crash of this economy.