Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"I'm not just shopping for food; I'm shopping for an experience."

That's what author Donna F. Savage says happens when we use buying things to gain happiness, love, and acceptance.

In this Today's Christian Woman article, Savage discusses what we are really trying to buy when we overspend at Christmas and on birthdays and how such intentions bankrupt us both literally and spiritually.

Acceptance. Love. Companionship. As women, our greatest needs are met through relationships. But those relationships require time and effort, two scarce commodities in our hurried world. Short on time and energy, we sometimes make substitutions through our purchases.

It's hard to change one's spending habits, especially long-standing ones like grabbing breakfast on the way to work or hitting the sales rack at Macy's once a month. But Savage points out that small changes in spending can help ease the squeeze in our budgets.

Most notably, Savage also recommends budgeting charity into the mix. Regularly giving to charity helps keep us aware of our fortune and makes us more appreciative and thankful for what we have.