Sunday, August 30, 2009

Manufactured Consent

Democrats have accused opponents of Obamacare of being "astroturf," but if you want to see what astroturf looks like, check out this post.

The behavior of the pro-Obamacare thugs is outrageous. People were forced to give their names and addresses to enter and hear their own representatives speak. The names were then used on a petition supporting Obamacare. Talk about a bait and switch. I imagine many of the people there would have been surprised to hear that the cost of admission was to support a government program that they were wanting to gather information about.

Note the positioning of the photographers for the event. I saw this kind of staging firsthand in 1984 when Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro came to my university to speak. Staffers positioned those with pro-Mondale signs right up by the stage. The rabble--that is, normal students--were forced to the back where their signs would go unnoticed by the photogs. It's sad to note that little has changed in 25 years and Democrats are still lying about who attends their events.