Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Government Motors Is Planning

Interesting article on GM's upcoming models for 2011 and beyond.

Right now, we have a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe and a 2005 Ford Focus. The Santa Fe has been a trouper and has probably close to 200k on it. The Ford Focus we got a year old and has about 140k on it (yes, I drive a lot).

A lot has changed since we bought the Santa Fe. For one thing, we no longer have to fit 2 car seats in the backseat and still have room for a third child. OTOH, we now have a nearly adult daughter with her own car, an almost teenage son and a fourth grade daughter who will be wanting to bring friends with them wherever they go. I won't tell you how we do this now, as it's probably illegal.

But reading through Chevrolet's options, I do find myself fantasizing about getting a new car. The Volt's mileage would be great, since I drive to Dallas 4-5 times a week (66 miles roundtrip). But a car with 3 rows of seats would be very convenient now, too.

Truthfully, though, it's all fantasizing. The Ford is nearly paid for and the Santa Fe still runs. We won't be turning either of 'em in for the Cash for Clunkers program, which is probably the greenest (and cheapest) thing we can do, anyway.