Thursday, August 06, 2009

Remember When Protesting Was Patriotic?

I sure do.

That was just in 2004. Then people really went nuts.

I do not recall their congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, ever protesting these protest.

Then again, George Bush never did either. He was too busy running the country to set up a snitch-on-protesters program or to whyyyyne about it day after day as president.

Mrs. Pelosi owes everyone who dares to stand up and speak Truth to her Power an apology.

Just who does she think she is insulting her employers like that?

Pelosi is a good and loyal Democrat, just following the example of her party leader. Don't like protests? Insult them and accuse them of astroturfing, even though it was your party that perfected that technique. Accuse them of racism, because you send some kooks in undercover to make the opposition look bad. Mock the voters. Then hope those same voters have a very short memory.

More manufactured outrage from those Brooks Brothers protesters! How dare they protest the stereotype!

Those intrepid lefties found the guy behind the astroturfing but, oddly enough, it doesn't sound anything like the moonbats are portraying it.