Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy Loved Telling and Hearing Chappaquiddick Jokes

You have to understand. Kennedy loved humor, and, as Ed Klein tells it, couldn't wait to hear the latest Chappaquiddick joke. From Jules Crittenden:

How the late senator loved to hear and tell Chappaquiddick jokes, and was always eager to know if anyone had heard any new ones. Not that Kennedy lacked remorse, Klein quickly added, seeming to intuit that my jaw and perhaps those of other listeners had just hit the floorboards. I gather it was a self-deprecating maneuver on Kennedy’s part, exercised with the famous Kennedy charm, though it sounds like one of those “I guess you had to have been there” things.

Bet you won't see liberals quoting that bit about Kennedy in their nauseating eulogies. But Mary Jo Kopechne couldn't be reached for comment.