Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nearly Half Oppose Public Option

Liberals can't complain that it's a Rasmussen poll this time, either, but nearly half of all Americans oppose the public option.

And according to a brand-new NBC News poll, 47% of Americans -- a plurality -- oppose the public plan, versus 43% who support it. That's a shift from last month's NBC/WSJ poll, when 46% said they backed it and 44% were opposed.

In a follow-up question explaining the benefits and disadvantages associated with a public plan, 45% said they agreed with the description -- by supporters -- that it would help lower health-care costs and provide coverage for uninsured Americans.

But 48% sided with opponents who say a public option would reduce access to their choice of doctors, and would lower costs by limiting medical treatment options.

It's precisely because of the way costs will be lowered that more Americans oppose the public option. That and the idea that it won't be an option for them.