Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Obama Boycotts Fox News?

As the campaign season clearly showed, Teh One can't take criticism and payback is a bitch.

Fishbowl DC has been keeping tabs of which media outlets have been allowed to ask a question at President-elect Barack Obama’s five press conferences so far. They report Fox News is 0-5. “Questions instead went to such outlets as ABC, New York Times, CBS, Reuters and the Associated Press.”

The only thing that comes from trying to ignore one of the biggest news networks is going to be more digging and more negative news. Because journalists don't like being dissed like that.

It's ok with me if Obama thinks he can play this game of chicken for four years. More Americans get their news from Fox News than the other cable outlets, and ignoring those folks isn't going to help him with the reelection thing.