Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Socks" Berger Forfeits Law License

Sandy "Socks" Berger has forfeited his law license to avoid embarrassing questions about his classified document theft.

In 2005, Judicial Watch filed a complaint with the Office of Bar Counsel of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, and the matter was subsequently referred for investigation by the court. After two years, it seems that Berger forfeited his law license because he did not want any more public attention given to his reckless and illegal behavior.

Berger pled guilty in April 2005 to stealing classified documents from the National Archives. The documents concerned the Millenium 2000 bomb plot and the Clinton administration's handling of it.

What was in those documents that Berger needed to cover up so badly he was willing to risk jail time? We'll never know, since Socks destroyed the information he pilfered.

Losing one's law license seems to be de rigeur for the Clinton administration. First, Bill Clinton was disbarred for lying in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and now we have Socks Berger forfeiting his license for stealing and destroying documents. But remember, theirs was to be the most ethical presidency in history.