Monday, May 28, 2007

Because You Can't Escape Your Sock Puppetry Past

Glen "Sock Puppet" Greenwald attempts to mock rightwing bloggers who questioned the veracity of a memo without an official logo on it. Granted, the blogger in question (Little Green Footballs) actually apologized for the mistake, but that's just not enough to stop Mr. Sock Puppet.

I dunno, maybe it is understandable that Greenwald would be so pissy about somebody else's mistakes, since he tried to cover his ass by using sock puppets to back up his various claims. Unfortunately for him, there are enough bloggers out here mocking him that he can't get away with it. For the best in-depth post on Greenwald's sock puppetry, read this post by Patterico. But don't be drinking anything because it is coffee-spewing hilarious.