Sunday, July 18, 2010

When in Doubt, Blame Your Enemies

From the Barack Obama is a big, fat liar file:

Jake Tapper interviewed Vice President Joe Biden and challenged him on the administration’s new Recovery Summer public-relations sloganeering, with economic indicators retreating and consumer confidence falling. Biden implicitly acknowledged the failure of the Porkulus bill, but had a ready villain to blame — the dastardly Republicans who wouldn’t let the administration spend as much as they wanted

As Ed Morrissey explains, the Porkulus bill was the size it is because that's what Democrats wanted, not because of any opposition by Republicans. January 2009 was the height of I Won (so you can stuff it) freedom that swept Washington last year. The fact that the so-called stimulus package has produced a net 14,000 private sector jobs per month just points out the utter failure of Democrats to do anything about the economy. But then, they haven't really been interested in job creation. Can't let that crisis go to waste, you know.