Sunday, July 11, 2010

Democrats: Governing Is Haaaard

When I read whining like this and the attached Atrios post, I have to fight the urge to reach through the computer and smack these people. I mean, seriously, guys, grow the f*** up.

You wanted to run the country. You hated George W. Bush and Republicans and bragged about how much better you would do when in office. Well, you're in office now with the largest majorities in forever and you still can't pass any legislation. I have a novel idea for you: maybe--just maybe--most people didn't vote for your stupid, radical ideas and they've spent the last 18 months letting you know they didn't. If you weren't such egotistical moronic jerks, you would have looked at the Tea Party rallies, the townhall meetings, the innundation of phonecalls, e-mails and letters from your constituents and decided to go in a different direction from the leftwing agenda you started with. You would have understood that giving Americans the finger over Obamacare was going to scare the pee out of your conservative wing and spell doom for any more cooperation from them...because you don't care about their concerns any more than you care about regular Americans' concerns.

If you want Americans to support your policies and you want your own membership to support your policies, then quit treating everybody like they are children who don't understand what is for their own good. Start treating the citizens of this country as adults, not wards of the state. And when we tell you DON'T PASS OBAMACARE, listen to us. Then you wouldn't be left whining that, oh, boo-hoo, we can't pass any more radical legislation that Americans are gonna hate.

Instead, what we're watching is the disintegration of the American left, which wants to burn down the house before the rabble beats down the door. After all, once you pull the lever in the voting booth, you quit having an opinion about politics, right? Certainly, you don't have an opinion those great scholars in the Democratic Party consider important.