Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily KOS: Take Out Organized Religion

Oh, dear. The philosophy of tolerance has none for organized religion, especially Christianity (also known as "chirstianity" by the author).

It is time to stop taking all this sitting down. It is time to begin working actively to bring about the end of organized religion. At the beginning of the 21st century, it is a wonder that a group of ignorant, bigoted and hateful men (yes, mostly men) can preach against scientific progress and try to take this country and the world a few centuries back. It is time to face the truth -- THERE IS NO GOD. I don't begrudge the faith to those who believe -- but I am not out there trying to impose vegetarianism or red uniforms on anyone. So, please, keep your religion out of my face. Humanity may have needed to believe in rocks or celestial bodies when we barely could walk upright. At the beginning of the 21st century, it is finally time to dispense with the crutch. Religion in general and chirstianity sic) in particular are EVIL.

It's always lovely to see the mask slip from the diversity and tolerance crowd. Forget the massive good Christianity (in particular) does and has done through the years, taking care of the poor and infirm, leading calls for civil rights for blacks and women, and so on. Forget the massive aid Christians give to organizations that help victims of natural disasters or despotic regimes. No, the fact that the Church is made of humans with human failings makes it, somehow, intolerable.

Forget about the Constitutional implications here (the author uses a lot of double speak about "freedom to believe what you want" while discussing tearing down churches). This is the sort of thing liberals do best. Call it more of the "for your own good" syndrome. Hey, we know that faith in God typically makes people happier, healthier, more generous and better citizens, but religion is just baaaad for you. Besides, if we manage to get rid of the Catholic church, there won't ever be any pedophiles again!

The fact is that evil exists. Period. If you take away one's freedom of religion, you won't have less evil, but more evil. Look at what happened in both the Soviet Union and China, where organized religion was basically outlawed. More people died as a result of communism than Christianity (and please don't be stupid and call Hitler a Christian), so it's really quite difficult to take seriously any liberal who supports the tenets of socialism and communism saying the problem is praying to God.