Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Romneycare Sucks and Obamacare Will, Too

Dysfunctional. Rationing. Limited care. No, it's not Obamacare, it's Romneycare.

One of the reasons I never supported Mitt Romney in 2008 was because of his Massachusetts health care plan, the one that forced people to buy insurance, the plan Barack Obama used to ram through Obamacare.

And guess what? If you wanna see what Obamacare is going to look like, go to Massachusetts.

In a new paper, Stanford economists John Cogan and Dan Kessler and Glenn Hubbard of Columbia find that the Massachusetts plan increased private employer-sponsored premiums by about 6%. Another study released last week by the state found that the number of people gaming the "individual mandate"—buying insurance only when they are about to incur major medical costs, then dumping coverage—has quadrupled since 2006. State regulators estimate that this amounts to a de facto 1% tax on insurance premiums for everyone else in the individual market and recommend a limited enrollment period to discourage such abuses. (This will be illegal under ObamaCare.)

Liberals tell you that it doesn't matter if costs are controlled, only that everybody has coverage. But coverage that sucks isn't really better than no coverage at all when you don't even have the option of getting your own. We're headed for a government takeover of the system most of us have liked.