Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Democrats Wanted to Be In Charge Until They Were Responsible

Greg Sargent is crying in his beer that "Republican obstructionism" is preventing Democrats from ruining things further and Democrats are getting blamed for the crappy economy they're in charge of!

What's more, the public is deeply unhappy with the Federal government's performance, with an astonishing 64 percent saying they're dissatisfied or angry about it.

Yet Republicans are not paying any price for this. While the poll shows the GOP is not trusted on the economy, Republicans have edged ahead in the generic ballot matchup, 47-46. Anti-incumbent sentiment is soaring -- only one-fourth say they're inclined to re-elected their Representative -- which will also help Republicans. And a majority, 51 percent, support GOP control of Congress so it can act as a "check" on Obama's policies.

This clearly demonstrates that people have not connected GOP obstructionism with one of its most visible results: The prevention of the extended of unemployment benefits that a sizable majority says it wants.

People also say (by large margins) that they want less government spending and lower taxes, but I notice Sargent isn't wasting any time worrying about what Americans want when it comes to that.

If this Gold-Plated Witch on Wheels is cackling, it's because she remembers liberals gleefully talking about Republican minorities for decades to come and how elections have consequences. How are those consequences doing now, buddy?