Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's Response to the Gulf Crisis: Not Emotional Enough

Some complain that President Obama isn't emotional enough about the situation, while others claim that nobody cares whether the president cares.

It reminds me a bit of the movie The Queen, where everybody's up in arms because Queen Elizabeth wasn't broken up about the death of her ex-daughter-in-law Diana (actually, this was a real life crisis, as well). As the daughter of a British woman raised during WWII, I can tell you that that generation just didn't show a lot of public emotion (unless it was anger), unlike we Americans who bawl over dog movies.

The point is that showing outrage or fear or whatever over the gulf oil spill isn't going to fix anything and I'd much rather BO do something about it rather than beat the podium. I don't need an empathetic president; I need an effective one, and so far, this president has shown such a lack of leadership as to be downright dangerous.