Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Obama Administration Attacks on Free Speech

The Left isn't afraid to use the power of the government to bully its enemies. Witness the latest attack on that deadly enemy...Goldline:

Forget Goldman. New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has been shooting a bit lower in the finance food chain, going after gold dealers.

His latest target, the company Goldline, which has made its name profiting -- with the help of conservative talkers -- off fees for buying and selling gold against public anxiety.

Goldline is also a sponsor of the Glenn Beck program on the radio and television. As William Jacobson points out:
Why bother with a bit player like Goldline? Because Glenn Beck still is on the air despite a boycott which has succeeded in scaring away some advertisers, but not Goldline.

Goldline is a specific target of boycotts of Fox News and Beck, and has been for months...

We are in dangerous territory folks. The congressional power to investigate, and to pressure the executive branch to bring enforcement proceedings, is being used to support a partisan boycott and to stifle political dialogue.

Whatever your view of Beck, and of the Beck boycott, the government has no business acting as enforcer.

Jacobson is right; this is very dangerous and should be embarrassing to any real American. There's something particularly sinister about targetting a two-bit company because they advertise on a show critical of government policies. Very sinister.