Sunday, May 16, 2010

Laura Bush: Liberalism's Favorite Conservative...

As long as she's supporting issues with which they agree.

Oh what a difference a few years or a different topic makes. Of course, there are still jerks complaining that Laura Bush should have pulled a Hillary and tried to run domestic policy (or something), which would have gone over really well with liberals who thought she, too, was the spawn of Satan until this week.

It's so hard to take these hypocrites seriously. First, they complained that Laura Bush was a Stepford Wife, a murderer, an enabler (pick your favorite alcoholic allusion here) and more. Now, because she's come out in favor of their cause du jour, she's completely huggable!

Or maybe not. The latest I've read is complaints that she should have "done something" for abortion and homosexuals. And my question is what? Have a tea? Give a presser? We don't elect First Ladies. It's, at best, a figurehead position because since Eleanor Roosevelt, we've decided that the women presidents are attached to have to be involved in something or other to show how good and caring and informed they are (and, by extension, the men they are married to).

It's all nonsense and can be more harmful than good. We nearly had Hillarycare, for crying out loud, and "two for the price of one," which deeply disturbed anyone who cared about the Constitution and electoral process. We watched Roslynn Carter direct Jimmeh, we heard complaints about Nancy Reagan's psychics, we've noted Barbara Bush's grandmotherly charm but heard rumors of her coldness to her chirren. In this presidency, we've watched Michelle Obama go to help the poor in pricey footwear.

I guess the point I'm making is that First Ladies are just women married to the president. We don't get to know their political views because they haven't been elected to anything and their views are no more important than my next door neighbor's or the local gas station attendant. I don't really care if Laura Bush supports abortion--she has that right--but I'd be infuriated if I elected her pro-life husband only to have her change his mind about issues I care about. I understand that pro-abortion and gay marriage supporters wanted her to change his mind, but that's precisely why First Ladies aren't supposed to speak out about issues while their hubbies are in office. But it is fairly entertaining watching the same people who excoriated her for eight years now clapping wildly that she secretly supported something they like.