Friday, May 14, 2010

The Democrats' Civil War

This is the first I've seen on the Democrats' civil war. We've watched the Left salivating for 18 months about the "Republican civil war," which really hasn't been much of a war, but rather a return to conservative values and candidates.

The Democrats, OTOH, really do have a civil war between it's left-center base and it's moonbat, fringy left base, which has become way more vocal over the last year. In the Republican "civil war," the losers were RINOs who didn't have much support anyway. And as the country has moved to the right, RINOs were less likely to win anyway.

But the luny left is pushing the Democratic Party even farther away from the center than before. This strategy worked in 2006 and 2008, when Democrats could draw a big distinction between themselves and the unpopular Republicans and George W. Bush. But with GWB out of the picture and Democrats with huge majorities, unpopular policies and an anemic economy, it's hard to see how the strategy works these days.

One of Barack Obama's strategies in the 2008 campaign was that he was the black guy who isn't scary. His policies were centrist and he wanted to unite the country. But the Barack Obama who emerged as president has tried to push the country in directions it is unwilling to go (such as closing Guantanamo Bay or union "card check" legislation) and when he forced it his way (with Obamacare) he infuriated the very people needed for Democrats to retain power.

It's a mix of policies and priorities that don't help Democrats in any way. Americans have been worried about the economy since the fall of 2008, and Obama's priorities (the Porkapalooza bill, Obamacare, cap and trade) have left Americans more than just disillusioned. The shady tactics Democrats used to ram through Obamacare infuriated voters, which is why Dems don't want to talk about health care anymore, but are anxious to do something--anything--for jobs. The anxiety over November losses is also why Congress is shirking its duties by not making a budget for next year. Anything that draws attention to Democrat failures is going to be ignored for the next six months, even constitutional duties.

Of course, the far left fringe of the Democratic Party is no happier than centrists. They've gotten even less of what they wanted and honestly think places like Arkansas are going to elect moonbats. Delusional, true, but it it all the leftwingers have left to cling to, right?