Sunday, May 09, 2010

How Dare You Redneck, Religious Idiots Think You Can Run Things!

That's a paraphrase of Darleen Click's take on this liberal snobbery disguised as a thoughtful article on the rise of the Tea Party movement.

The President Bush who emerged after September 11 took his party and the country back to the divisive politics of earlier decades, giving us seven years of ideological recrimination. By the time of the last presidential campaign, millions were transfixed not by the wisdom or folly of Barack Obama’s policy agenda, but by absurd rumors about his birth certificate and his “socialism.” Now he has been elected president by a healthy majority and is grappling with a wounded economy and two foreign wars he inherited—and what are we talking about? A makeshift Tea Party movement whose activists rage against “government” and “the media,” while the hotheads of talk radio and cable news declare that the conservative counterrevolution has begun.

You can go read the whole thing if you really want to be looked down upon, but the gist is that those stupid Americans have the audacity not to accept the ideas and beliefs of the elites to run everything. No, they think they have the right to criticize the government and be skeptical of its methods and reasons for trying to control more and more. Moreover, these idiots actually think they are capable of educating their own children and changing society to reflect their views. That's a style reserved for liberals, you see.

The whole thing shows exactly why the elites don't get it. If it were possible, they'd disenfranchise the masses (well, except for the ones who vote as they like). It's too bad for them that the masses aren't willing to cede their independence so easily.