Thursday, January 07, 2010

When New Zealanders Support and Harbor Al Qaeda, We'll Bomb Them, Too

New Zealander with severely limited understanding of America thinks it's racism, as opposed to terrorism, that makes Americans willing to kill Yemenis in the War on Terror (oops! I know that term is obsolete these days, but bear with me).

The US just murdered 49 Yemeni civilians - including women and children - trying to kill a Al Qaeda leader.

Now, I was thinking - "would they ever send cruise missiles into NZ?" Would places like Aotearoa, Australia, or Canada ever find 50 civilians murdered in an explosion as the US attempted to kill its enemies?

The answer is, of course, no. For some reason, predominately white, English speaking people would never have to fear the same violence the US feels entirely justified in visiting on Arab countries. I wonder why...?

This sort of post is just one reason I can't take PiTOR seriously. Is skin color really the only difference he sees between New Zealand and Yemen? Is kiwiland harboring Al Qaeda members planning to blow up Americans and we just haven't discovered it yet? I realize the Obama administration is completely incompetent, but it's difficult to believe that Barack Obama sits in the White House saying, "Let's bomb those sand n*****s back to the Stone Age! Yeah!"

This sort of idiotic argument played better when a white man occupied the White House.