Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Democrat's Bad Behavior a "GOP Dirty Trick"

Now, I guess, reporters doing their job (asking uncomfortable questions) have mind control powers/

A spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is describing the video above, which shows a Weekly Standard reporter getting pushed around by a DSCC consultant, Michael Meehan, as a "dirty trick" by "Washington Republicans."

DSCC spokesman Eric Schultz refused to go into detail about the incident, or to criticize Meehan, who confronted reporter John McCormack, in McCormack's telling, after the reporter followed candidate Martha Coakley down the street asking unwelcome questions.

Meehan is a veteran Democratic staffer, Bostonian, and Obama appointee to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. But friends said they found the video both inappropriate and out of character.

"It is no surprise that Washington Republicans are trying to use every dirty trick they have to throw the Coakley campaign off their stride, but we are determined to end this campaign talking about the issues that matter to voters, like creating jobs and lowering middle class taxes," said Schultz in a written statement.

We used to call guys who asked politicians "unwelcome questions" reporters, but that was sooo 2007, I guess.

Here's the video:

Kudos to McCormack for not allowing Coakley's thug to bully him. Somebody needs to give him (McCormack, not Meehan) a raise.

Is the photo of the incident a game changer?