Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Nutbag Lefty Synopsis of 2010

Had a great laugh over this pile of manure from Delaware Liberal, which attempts to paint 2009 as a terrific year for Democrats, which will surely lead Americans to vote for even more Democrats in November. Conversely, Delaware Dem saw only crazy racists on the Republican side of the aisle. Don't believe me? Here's its take:

First, they claimed that the President has not shown us his birth certificate, even though he and the Hawaiian government have; that he was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii based on some obviously (or obvious to anyone who can read English and has a fourth grade education) forged documents; and that even if he was born in Hawaii, Hawaii is not a state but rather some weird alien foreign world that you have to take a space shuttle to. Next, a number of whack job conservatives and racists started making death threats against the President, and some even started killing people (three police officers in Pittsburgh, an abortion doctor in Kansas, and a security guard at the Holocaust museum). Then, the Republican base got all revolutionary on our asses because they were all outraged! They said they outraged!!!!!! because the government was preventing us from going into a massive Depression that would rival the Great Depression in severity by passing the Stimulus bill, I guess because these Republicans enjoy economic depressions, since they always cause them (personally I think Republicans were outraged because a black man and/or a Democrat was President, but whatever). So they all proclaimed that they were holding tea bag parties across the land. The porn industry and BDSM enthusiasts got all excited. And during the health insurance reform debate, they got all hot and bothered by a lie from their leader about this supposed imaginary government death panels that would kill grandma, even though the insurance company death panel killed grandpa last year. As the year progressed, Republicans continued to ramp up their revolutionary rhetoric as if King George III himself had reanimated and taken over the Presidency and was taxing the Republicans without their being represented (even though the Republicans are represented in Washington and the largest middle class tax CUT was just passed).

I have to conclude that Amanda Marcotte has become a Delaware Liberal contributor, because it's impossible to believe there are two liberals stupid enough to write such drivel.

But I will agree that Republicans might not win enough seats to control the House and Senate after November (although hardened Republican pollsters like Nate Silverman has predicted that Dems could lose as many as 50 seats in the House). But it's simply delusional to argue, as Delaware Dem does, that the GOP has "no chance" of winning control.

I'll be honest. I'm not even terribly concerned about winning control of the House this time. If Republicans win even a handful of Senate seats in November, the progressive juggernaut blows up completely. And don't be fooled by idiots like Delaware Dem; Democrats know that the chances of them losing either the House or the Senate are better than even, which is precisely why they are trying so hard to cram unpopular legislation through right now. They are preparing for being the minority party in just a few short months.

For extra amusement, read Nate Silverman's column from one year ago in which he gleefully discusses the Republican death spiral.