Friday, January 01, 2010


Linda Chavez hits the nail on the head in her description of Barack Obama and his administration.

Clueless. It’s the word that best describes the Obama administration’s first year in office. They’ve proven themselves clueless about creating jobs; clueless about handling growing nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea; and now, most devastatingly, clueless about protecting Americans from terrorist attacks on our own soil. And with nearly one year under the belts, they can’t keep blaming the Bush administration for everything that goes awry.

I disagree with her last sentence. Obama will continue blaming GWB, even though most people aren't buying it anymore. It plays well in the moonbatosphere. Point out Obama's My Pet Goat moment? They argue about George Bush's response to the shoe bomber. Show why Obama's economic policies don't work? They complain that Obama inherited a lousy economy. And so on and so forth.

Didn't Obama campaign on being a "new kind" of politician? It would be refreshing if he simply quit whining about being the POTUS and just did his job. When was the last time you heard a new CEO whinge for a year about the company he "inherited"? Time for BO to put on his big boy pants and do his job.