Friday, January 08, 2010

85,000 Job Loss for December

One more lump of coal in the stocking for Barack Obama who, really, deserves it.

Democrats have tried to spin the job loss numbers as not too bad. I even heard some government official (sorry, wasn't paying close enough attention to get his name) on the BBC World News trying to say that these numbers were a good thing, since the U.S. isn't losing jobs as fast as we were last January. Riight.

In reality, the job numbers are terrible news for Democrats (don't tell Delaware Liberal, though). Average Americans measure the economy by the unemployment rate, only giving a passing glance to GDP growth. Regardless of how well GDP does, until Americans are seeing more "Now Hiring" signs in store windows, they are going to say the economy is lousy, and they aren't going to allow Obama and the Democrats to try to blame George W. Bush for their screwups.