Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WaPo Reporter Makes Up Quote in ACORN-gate

And they wonder why people question the objectivity of the media.
CommentsWashington Post Admits to Bogus Quote

Veteran Washington Post reporter Daryl Fears, part of a two-person writer team, unmistakably wrote that filmmaker John O'Keefe had “said” he “targeted” ACORN, the advocacy group, for his candid-camera expose, because it registered voters to defeat Republicans.

O'Keefe said no such thing. It was a non-quote made out of whole cloth by reporter Fears, and published as fact on Sept. 17. Making the falsehood exponentially worse, the Post story then was retailed worldwide by the Associated Press.

Interviewees can be soooo uncooperative. Imagine, not saying what you want them to say! You see, there's a new course budding reporters are required to take in J-school: Mental Telepathy 101. Because, you know, Republican operative won't say they're racists, even though everybody knows it.

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