Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poster Child for Obamacare Wasn't Killed by Not Having Insurance

Despite what this Think Progress post says, the "victim" was not killed because she didn't have insurance. Kimberly Young died because she didn't seek medical attention.

Even those without insurance can get medical care. Period. You can get it from a hospital emergency room. Or you can pay any doctor and he will treat you. Without looking into Young's financial life, it's hard to accept the claim that she "couldn't afford" to get treated. That's just the sort of argument 20-somethings make so they don't have to try to care for themselves the way adults must do. To repeat: it is your responsibility to get medical care when you need it. You can wrangle with the billing department once you are there. Or you can put money aside to pay for your care. But arguing that we should pay $1 trillion so that this person could get care for free is bogus, because there is a network of free clinics Young could have used. Instead, her death is exploited by the Left.