Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tomorrow's Talking Points: The Spin on Obama's Speech

The speech was mostly boiler plate, but President Obama endorsed an individual mandate to buy health insurance. No word on how he expects to enforce it, but we've we've already been given the price tag.

Expect liberals to be screaming bloody murder because a Congressman was disrespectful to the POTUS. Being rude to his face is permissible. Telling the truth is not.

Obama unleashed the dogs to go after Obamacare opponents. Expect lots of "you lie" B.S. from Dems on the issue, particularly where abortion funding and coverage of illegal immigrants is concerned. Hint: tax money is not "private funds."

The moonbats will be touting this CNN poll showing huge increases in support for Obamacare. But only among Democrats, who were the ones typically watching Obama's speech. Everybody who was watching So You Think You Can Dance--which was probably a larger audience--hasn't changed their minds. And the people who have had a Road to Damascus moment with Obamacare are likely to quickly convert back to skepticism and outright disapproval once Democrats have to explain how we're paying for this.

Dems still lack the votes to pass any legislation, but expect Pelosi and Reid to step up the pressure on Blue Dogs to fall in line.

And if all else fails, spend a lot more time talking about this nobody. It sucks not having GWB to kick around anymore, don't it?