Friday, September 04, 2009

Radicals in the Obama Administration: Vindication for Glenn Beck?

Glenn Beck has been vilified for calling President Barack Obama a racist with a "deep-seated antipathy for white people." In fact, Eric Boehlert practically had a coronary because Fox News hasn't canned Beck for the statement.

In Boehlert's view, the fact that Truther Van Jones, who is leading the group bent on crushing Beck--and also is "Green Czar" for the Obama administration--has managed to get many advertisers to forego commercials on Beck's highly rated program means that Fox News should either fire Beck or make him apologize.

At Fox News, that smear has been flushed down the memory hole, and all that's left to do is play victim...

But here's what I don't get: Why doesn't Beck go on TV every day and simply defend his "racist" claim? Why doesn't Beck stand up for the racist remark and stake his reputation on it? Because right now, the pathetic, squishy approach he's taking where he limply lashes back while pretending the ad boycott sprang from some mysterious place -- where Beck plays the victim and pretends he never made the "racist" smear -- is just too lame for words.

The host has never apologized, so it seems logical that he stands behind the claim. (And that's what he claimed one month ago.) And if he stands behind it, why doesn't he set aside a few minutes on each program to detail how Obama is a racist? Why doesn't he educate his viewers.

In fact, just after the controversy exploded, Beck took time on his highly rated radio show to explain why he said President Obama was a racist:

and here:

It's hard to argue that Beck didn't explain himself. But more to the point, Beck has moved on to doing a little journalism, you know, what the MSM is supposed to do, and discovering who Van Jones actually is. Rumor has it that Obama may toss Jones under the bus, but one has to ask if the fact that Obama picked Jones is proof of Beck's charges?