Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is the Public Option Finally Dead?

Senate panel rejects health ‘public option’.

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Hilarious reaction here.

Chuck Schumer and Max Baucus just said that there were not 60 votes for the public option in the Senate.

The Public Option doesn't need 60 votes. It needs 51. That is, unless the GOP filibusters it. What Baucus and Schumer are saying -- explicitly -- is that there are Democrats who would support a GOP filibuster to keep the public option from having an up-or-down vote on the floor of the Senate. They are saying that there are Democrats who would vote with the GOP to block a vote on something that the President says he supports -- a public option.

That is a very serious charge. It's tantamount to party treason. Schumer and Baucus need to say who these members are immediately.

"Party treason"? Who knew that doing the will of the voters in your district amounts to "party treason"?

These dimwits need to recognize some inconvenient facts. The public option may not get Nancy Pelosi voted out of office, but freshmen Democrats in largely Republican districts will lose if they vote for this. And that will mean that Republicans will replace those Democrats, ending any possibility of Democrats pushing through the rest of their idiotic agenda. No filibuster-proof Senate. Get it?