Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama "Wilting," But Will It Affect the 2010 Elections?

Short answer: maybe.

President Obama's poll numbers are sinking almost as fast as the Texas Rangers' pennant hopes. The Politico is blaming the drop on Americans' waning enthusiasm for Porkapalooza. That's certainly the case, with unemployment nearing double digits and no hope of recovery any time soon.

Ed Morrissey thinks unemployment and a sluggish economy will be the main issues in the 2010 elections. I think that's about right, but if Americans become more concerned about Obama's handling of foreign affairs, that won't help. So far, President Obama seems timid and confused in his approach to foreign policy, which really highlights his inexperience.

With Obama's numbers tanking, cap and trade and health care reform seem much less likely to happen. Events in Iran and events at home are not going to help Obama in the midterms. There's no good news on the horizon for the Democrats, which is good news for the GOP.