Sunday, June 27, 2010

How Long Till Kopp the Custard Guy Is Audited?

He's no Joe the Plumber, but Kopp the Custard Guy got under Vice President BiteMe's skin yesterday.

Earlier today Joe Biden was in Wisconsin, trying to help Russ Feingold salvage his Senate run, and he stopped at a frozen custard stand. When he asked the proprietor how much the custard cost, the proprietor answered, "Nothing, just lower our taxes."

Biden goes on to call the guy a smartass, which is a funny way to talk to the guy who's paid your salary for three decades. But it's tough to be a Democrat without a little contempt for the jerks who refuse to join public sector employment and continue to toil thanklessly in the private sector.

Do you think Kopp will now find himself getting the Joe the Plumber experience?