Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tina Brown: Conservative Women Aren't Real Feminists

WTH is wrong with feminists? Tina Brown offers Exhibit A for why so many young women don't self-identify as feminists. If you don't fit the abortion-lovin' mold, it doesn't matter what else you believe or how many hurdles you jump, you can't be a feminists.

From Hot Air:

a friendly reminder from the editor of “The Daily Beast” that no matter how diverse the GOP becomes, the authenticity card will always be there to discredit its candidates. Four huge wins by Republican women over male opponents? Oh well: If you’re not pro-choice then you’re not a feminist, no matter how much power you may have or how hard you may have worked to get it. The irony is, of those four, the only one for whom gender became an issue was Haley, and that was only because the Carolina sleaze machine started tossing sex smears at her in desperation. Angle was the “tea-party candidate,” not the “woman tea-party candidate,” and Fiorina and Whitman are already nationally famous as CEOs. Had Will Folks and Larry Marchant left Haley alone, she would have been known as the good-government Sanford disciple. Gender wasn’t otherwise relevant in any race, except in the most superficial sense of signaling to voters that this is “something different” in a year when being something different from the usual Washington dreck is good.

No matter how diverse the GOP becomes, it's not really diverse. Black Republicans are oreos, successful women aren't "real" feminists, and Hispanic GOPers are "cocoanuts." The problem isn't the diversity of the party. The problem is that Democrats will still argue about those racist, sexist Republicans no matter who joins the party.