Thursday, June 24, 2010

If Only Republicans Were More Like Us, Democrats Dream

You have to laugh at the Democrats. I mean, seriously. They're facing certain crushing defeat in November, so what do they do? Argue that Republicans should be more like them. I suppose when you're a loser, you really do want company.

This isn't the first article a Democrat has written "advising" Republicans to move to the left to win elections, but it is honestly becoming an annoying (not to mention stupid) line of argumentation. It seems like Democrats should be spending more time figuring out how they can win elections rather than wringing their hands that, somehow, Republicans are going to become a permanent minority because they're all a bunch of greedy racist homophobes.

The current incarnation complains about the GOP's approach to social issues, immigration and taxation. Unless Republicans start supporint abortion, gay marriage, illegal aliens and higher taxes, they're never going to win again!!1!!

What a load of B.S.

Nobody's talking social issues during the worst economy of our generation. Republicans don't need to discuss social issues to win in November. And most Americans--not just white people--agree with Republicans on illegal immigration. As for taxation, Americans don't want higher taxes, they want less spending.

So, let's look at this one again. On every major issue of this election cycle, Americans agree with Republicans and think Democrats are wrong. And we're supposed to listen to those guys?